Rotunda Gallery!

The Photography Club at the University of Virginia is now requesting submissions for a unique photography exhibition that will be opening in March inside the newly-renovated Rotunda!

Beta Bridge

Beta Bridge Daily

Also see our awesome project, Beta Bridge Daily

Some of Our Work

Here at UVa Photography we have many members at all levels of interst.  If you enjoy photography or just want to learn more, consider coming to one of our meetings! 


Rotunda Gallery!

Hello UVA Students/Faculty Members/Staff and Charlottesville Residents, The Photography Club at the University of Vi ...

New President

We are sad to see our awesome President Ally Burnett go!  Michelle Janssen will be taking her place in the 2013-2014 ...

The 2012-2013 Year is Over!

This was a great year for our club.  We had a lot of exciting events and will have many more next year!  Be sure to ...