Answers to all of your Darkroom Questions

-When can I take the darkroom test?
If a workshop offers the opportunity to take the test, it will say so in the description. Otherwise, please contact Nicholas Venturini to schedule a time/place to take it.
-I don’t know anything about using a darkroom and would fail the test if I took it. Are there any opportunities for me to learn how to use the darkroom?
Yes. The photo club occasionally holds workshops for beginner photographers. Please visit the workshop page to view scheduled workshops.
-Are there any other requirements for using the darkroom?
Yes. You must pass a darkroom knowledge test. For more information about this, please visit the darkroom info page.
-Can I just pay the darkroom fee without joining the photo club?
No. Only photo club members are allowed to use the darkoom.
-Do I have to be a photo club member to use the darkroom?
Yes, you must be a due-paying member. Checkout our plans for options.
-Where is the darkroom?
It is located in Newcomb Hall.